Detroit/Mercedes OneBox Gasket/Clamp Kit | A6809950302, A6809950202, A6804910480

Elevate the efficiency and convenience of your Detroit/Mercedes OneBox maintenance with our comprehensive Gasket/Clamp Kit. Crafted to exacting standards, this kit includes essential components to streamline the servicing of your Detroit DD13/DD15 DPF.

Included in the kit are:

  • 2 x Detroit DD13/DD15 DPF Clamps (Part No. A6809950302)
  • 2 x Detroit V-Band DPF Clamps (Part No. A6809950202)
  • 2 x Detroit Diesel DPF Gaskets (Part No. A6804910480)
  • 5 x M6x1.0 Multi-Thread U Nut Clips
  • 5 x M6 x 12 Flange Bolts

This versatile kit fits seamlessly with Detroit Mercedes DD13/DD15 DPF (Part No. A6804910894) and Detroit Diesel DD13/DD15/DD16 DPF (Part No. A6804910494, A0004903692) systems, ensuring compatibility across a range of models.

Designed for ease of use, our kit simplifies the maintenance process for your One Box, providing the necessary gaskets and clamps for DPF servicing. Additionally, included bolts and clips securely fasten the heat shield to the frame, enhancing durability and reliability.

Experience hassle-free maintenance and optimal performance with our Detroit/Mercedes OneBox Gasket/Clamp Kit. Order now to elevate your servicing experience.

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Weight 15 lbs